My head and heart are imploding
Crumbling in upon themselves
Crashing with a heavy thud
In the pit of my stomach
Filling me with a hot dust
That burns behind my eyes.

This wreckage is multiplied by the millions
All across our country
As people of faith and goodwill and decency and morality
Witness the planes flying into the towers
Of our common humanity
Seeking to destroy from within
What terrorists from without failed to do.

Who will run towards the fiery rubble
To save us all?
Who will risk life and limb
To stop the madness?
Who will enlist in the army of better angels
To defend and protect the most vulnerable among us?

Even more than we did after 9/11
We the people need to rise up as one
And with courage and perseverance
Oppose the enemies within
Oppose the enemies in Congress
Oppose the enemy in the White House
And save the soul of our nation.

I don’t know how we will do this
I only know we must.

May God help us all.

Debra Rose Brillati
July 2019

4 thoughts on “The Soul of Our Nation

  1. I thought that Brexit was horrifying but since I witnessed the words of the past few days I realise that there is much worse happening in our democracies. I am despairing at what I see coming from the White House and more importantly what I see at these mass rallies with people wearing red caps. That is our worry. People in uniform. Mass rallies. Minorities branded as enemies of the people. Please try to get catch up on Gary O’Donoghue from BBC. He cuts to the chase. I thought things were bad but I never knew how bad they could get. I am beginning to think that we are on the brink of Armageddon. All over Europe the Right Wing is on the rise. Trump is aiding and abetting this. I feel for you. America is no longer the sanctuary it once was. If one may not criticise one’s government without fear, where is freedom of speech. Where is democracy. It is mob rule and boy do you have a rabble rouser as a president. But fear not! Uk will soon have its own rabble rouser aka Boris Johnson. Wow won’t the Blondie boys have great craic. RIP democracy.🥵

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