Prayer for Racial Justice

Written for and prayed at the All Auburn Churches Harriet Tubman Day Prayer Service in Auburn, New York, March 10, 2018

Gracious God, lover of souls, we feel your Spirit in our midst today,
We know that you dwell in every heart,
That you inspire every mind,
That you uplift every soul.

We know, precious Lord, that it is you who gives us eyes to see and ears to hear and hands to do the work you would have us do.

You have given us all we need to bring about your kingdom on earth, a kingdom where justice reigns and compassion rules.

Give us, we humbly ask, eyes that see all our brothers and sisters as ourselves, eyes that see Christ in all people, eyes that are not blind to the racism that permeates our world and that allow us to look inward to see our own part in it.

Give us, we pray, ears that hear the truth in the testimony of our neighbors, that listen for the pain behind their words, that recognize the lies that are told to separate us from our brothers and sisters.

Give us, we beseech thee, hands that reach out to expose injustice wherever we find it. Give us lips that speak truth to power. Give us feet that carry us to every dark corner where oppression dwells so that we may shine your light on it for all to see.

Fill our hearts with an abundance of love but also righteous anger for the long dark history of racism in our country.
Fill our minds with wisdom and creativity so we may collaborate with one another to work for justice.
Fill our souls with the Holy Spirit, the sacred energy of the universe that makes all things possible.

We pray all of this in the name of our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer. AMEN.

Debra Rose Brillati
March 2018

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